Jack Thompson, ‘Take Two’
oil on linen
‘Take Two’ – Jack Thompson, 2007 – Detail

Jack Thompson AM – an Australian actor, whos career spans more than 40 years. He has appeared in outstanding major films eg Breaker Morant and many others, including over 70 feature films, tele movies and television series.

He is a true believer in the importance of vital local film industry and has been awarded the order of Australia for his services to the Australian Film Industry.

Also a committed environmentalist concerned for the Australia’s future and is an Australian good will ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for refugees.

On our initial session together, observing his expressions – I thought I was in for a challenge …..so many faces here! His thoughts and emotions very much on the surface were demonstratively displayed. He is open, down to earth, unpretentious, a hopeless romantic and passionate about his interests…(not to mention quite a cheeky old bastard!)

As an adopted child he has recently and enthusiastically engaged in tracing back his true heritage. Discovering images of his Grandfather Dr. Pain and his Great Grandfather Captain Thomas Pain. The likeness to his forbearers was amazing and his discovery of his natural parentage was of great interest to me.

He worked with me in the studio on many occasions and on a couple of times I was   treated to and enchanted by Jack reading to me some of his adopted fathers John Thompsons’ passionate poetry, at times his eyes were filled with tears.

With many drawings and paintings over a rather short but concentrated period of time and with exception to the usual neurotic frustrating moments associated with painting, working with Jack Thompson a quintessentially genuine Australian has been a sheer delight and a most memorable experience.

Artist Statement