Self Portrait with Morley – Lewis Morley, 2005
oil on linen
153 x 183 cm

Oscar Wylde stated in the Portrait of Dorian Gray that a portrait could be more about the artist than the subject. I have to be intrigued by the subject; this stimulus derives from the subconscious or something that is captivating and worth exploring.

This work entitled ‘Self portrait with Morley’ is more than an objective exploration into the landscape of Lewis’ face; it is also about how I develop a portrait through a series of studies.

During this time I observed Lewis in the dark room, and made many studies in his home. My reflection in the work expresses the close observation involved. The images on the side represent studies of Lewis, his life and his work and are also suggestive of a strip of film.

Morley is an international portrait artist , using photography as his medium. I have admired his images since the early 60s. 

Artist Statement