Two Movements – Peter Sculthorpe, 2008
oil on linen
122cm x 206cm
Sun Music – Peter Sculthorpe 2009
oil on linen
198 x 198cm

Peter Sculthorpe internationally acclaimed and Australia’s most celebrated composer and an Australian Living Treasure. Born in Tasmania, he has been composing since the age of seven. His distinctive music, which has Asian and Aboriginal influences, often evokes the contours, harsh beauty and sounds of the Australian bush. Famous Sculthorpe works include his Sun Music series of the 1960’s, Kakadu (1988), Earth Cry (1992) and Requiem (2004), which featured didgeridoo soloist William Barton. 

I have long been fascinated by Peter Sculthorpe and his music and was initially interested by an affinity I felt we shared: a passion and inspiration derived from our emotional connection with the expressive Australian landscape.

Peter and I began working together in 2008 where he and his music have been a great inspiration to me. I have worked on many ideas and images, developing several paintings while listening to his CD’s. It has been a journey of discovery visually and musically, revealing many similarities and connections between music and art, both conceptually and within the creative process, to visualise sound and listen to imagery. 

This year Peter and much of Australia have been celebrating his 80th Birthday and great musical achievements.

Artist Statement – 2014